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Date: Sunday, June 14th at the Cedar River Saddle Club NISCA show in Osage. Enter at the entry stand by 1:00.

Rules for NISCA Queen Contest

Junior Queens: Age 10 - 15 on January 2020 NISCA 1st of 2020.

Senior Queens: Age 16 - 26 on January 1st of 2020.

All Contestants must be unmarried and a current nominated member of NISCA.

Anyone winning their division cannot run again in that division the next consecutive year.

If you are a queen for another club, you will not be eligible to participate in this contest.

Each queen must participate in a minimum of 50% of the NISCA affiliated pointed shows. This does not include the Fun Show(s).

Any breed of horse can be used with any discipline of western riding.

The prize awarded each Queen will be a Tiara and a Sash provided by NISCA.

Honors and Obligations for the NISCA Queen Contest Winners

Each Queen is encouraged to wear her sash and/or tiara as much as possible while at NISCA shows and events.

It will not be a requirement for the Queens to participate in the Iowa State Fair?s Iowa Cowgirl Queen Contest; however, this is highly encouraged, and is held on Friday, August 14, 2020.

If the winners determine they CAN?T ride in the Iowa Cowgirl Queen Contest, they shall inform a NISCA officer as soon as possible and loan their tiara and sash to the Runner Up for the contest if that person is available to compete.

Each Queen will receive the ISF Cowgirl Queen entry form signed by NISCA officers and the Queen is responsible for postmarking it by July 14, 2020, and including payment and copy of her birth certificate.

Winners will assist with NISCA-sanctioned fundraisers at shows to help defray State Fair entry and travel costs.

Queens will help out in the office and /or pass out money or awards during NISCA events when available to do so.

Queens will also be asked to help present awards at the year-end banquet.

Judging for NISCA Queen Contest

Contestants will be judged for overall appearance in western attire, properly cleaned and fitted tack, performance of the riding pattern, and personality and knowledge during the judge?s interview.

The Junior and Senior divisions will be presented and judged separately.

The contest will consist of three elements:

Riding Pattern ~ approximately 30%

Overall Appearance ~ approximately 30%

Interview with Judge ~ approximately 30%

Your interview with the judge will be in the show ring before you perform the queen's salute portion of the contest.

Queen's Salute Riding Pattern

(Please note this may be changed at the request of the judge.)

All Junior Contestants will enter the arena along the rail.

Judge will ask for a walk - trot - lope in both directions.

Judge will ask Jr. Contestants to line up in center of arena.

One at a time, Jr. Contestant will ride forward for interview question.

Next, they lope around the arena (left lead) performing the Queen's Salute.

Jr. Queens will come to a stop in front of the announcer's stand or designated cone (sliding stop preferred, but not required) and back your horse.

Jr. Contestant will then return to the line-up.

After the Junior Contestants leave the arena, then the Senior Contestants will enter on the rail. The riding pattern for the Seniors will be the same as the Junior contestants.

The winner for the Junior and Senior Queen will be announced as soon as possible after completion of the riding patterns.

Please contact Cathi Luett (641/425-0859) or Edie Blanchard (641/425-1297) with questions.